Pricing Overview

Have you ever wanted to learn how to extract data from the web and make your own DFS Cheat Sheet but you were unsure of where to start? Or perhaps build your own Betting / DFS Model to run your own simulations? These can feel like extremely overwhelming things to learn which is why I decided to create the Basics and Advanced courses, hosted on Gumroad, to not only teach you the process but give Advanced members the ability to ask questions through discord.

*Please note that these courses are simply to TEACH you the process of modeling, extracting data, etc and by no means will be building a profitable model without additional work. That will be up to you to find the right variables / inputs to use and test. These will be simple models so you can see how the simulations work.




1 – Pull Data from the web
2 – Compile Data to one sheet
3 – Filter the Data
4 – Conditional Formatting
5 – Formulas / Functions
6 – Random Tricks & Tips
7 – Interpreting the Data

Want to learn the basics of extracting data and formulating your own Google Cheat Sheet? Or maybe learn how to interpret specific stats? Get signed up for the early-bird launch now!




1 – Sports Betting Money Line Simulations
2 – Prop Betting Simulations
3 – Range of Outcomes
4 – Linear Regression

Advanced members get access to a private discord channel where you can ask me questions about the course or your own data, share knowledge with other advanced members and learn more NFL Data