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HeyYo Sports was brought to life to help your casual DFS player make well-informed, process-driven decisions. Every tool on this site not only serves a purpose in doing so, but is completely free to use as well. I understand that for your average DFS player that isn’t playing thousands or even hundreds of dollars a week, spending $50-60 a month on a membership may not be ideal. So, every tool, every bet, every article and every video posted will be completely free. In addition, I also know that learning and interpreting some data can be overwhelming as well. That’s why the only things for purchase on the site are the Basics and Advanced Courses which are Excel and Google Sheet videos to help teach you the process of building your own data sets and interpreting specific data.

This site is still a work in progress and the first year is only the beginning. I will be continuously making improvements to the site and adding features as I see fit. If for whatever reason an issue with the site arises please do not hesitate to reach out and please have some patience as we get through the first few weeks.